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Stroup's Gymnastic School

"Self-Esteem Through Movement"


Mrs. Karen Stroup is the owner and director of Stroup's Gymnastics School, celebrating more than 20 years as a USA gym. It is also an USAIGC member. It has been her pleasure to coach many gymnasts to state and regional championships over the years. Mrs. Stroup is a 31 year health and physical education veteran of the public school system. She served as the head varsity gymnastics coach in her district for 14 years. She maintains an up to date National Safety Certification among other certificates of advanced training.

Mr. Carl Stroup has been an essential part of Stroup's Gymnastics since its conception. His is the voice you hear when you call the gym for information. He handles all paperwork, including registration forms and tuition payments. Mr. Stroup is responsible for all gymnastics merchandise sold at the gym.

Jackie Jensen-Withey is a former USA gymnast and USA Pro-Coach. Ms. Jackie was a gymnast for 12 years, and has been coaching for 15 years.  She has coached state champions in Massachusetts and New York, has her National Safety certification, and Pro Membership from USA Gymnastics.

Rob Stroup is a former USA gymnast and national and international Karate champion.  He has helped to coach several state champions.

Brittany Gullotti is a former gymnast and now a USA Pro-Coach. She has her National Safety certification and Pro Membership from USA Gymnastics.

Melissa McArthur is a former gymnast and a USA Pro-Coach with many years of coaching experience. She has coached in gyms in Erie, PA, Virginia and previously at Stroup's Gymnastics. She has her National Safety certification.

Mrs. Stroup is occasionally assisted in class instruction by some of her junior coaches who are college and high school gymnasts.  If you are interested in becoming a junior coach, please contact us.

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