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Olympic Visitors!

The gymnasts at Stroup’s Gymnastics were privileged to watch a few Olympic gymnasts practice at their gym recently. The visitors were there to prepare for the show at the Jamestown Savings Bank Ice Arena.  Artistic director, Paul Ziert, spoke to Stroup’s Gymnasts and their parents.  He gave them some insights into what was being done.  Then they were treated to a picture together.

In the front row from L to R:  Molly Spontaneo, Evelyn Montagna, *Hayden Schuler, *Alannah Garza, *Arlene Boisvert, *Isabelle Grosch, Evalyn Fessel, *Attie Corey, *Brooke Golab.
Row 2: Mae Benedetto, Lily Benedetto, *Lexi Banko, *Noel Alexander, *Emily Grosch, Ashely Schrecengost, Emma Schrecengost, Elizabeth Schrecengost.
Row 3: Adi Pope (choreographer & Russian rhythmic gymnast), Sarah Inman, Hannah Forbes, Catalina Ponor (Romanian gymnast), Kali Mason, Samantha Bresson, Jillian Rea, Nikki Schack, *Jesse Valone, Paul Ziert (artistic director).
Row 4: *Karen Stroup, *Remington Jensen, John Orozco (USA Olympian) , Brandon Wynn (USA National & World Team), Steve Legendre (USA National & World Team).

Absent from picture: Beth Tweedle (Great Brittan) left for the ice rink just before the picture to practice her skating.  Nastia Liukin (USA Olympian) and Jordyn Wieber (USA Olympian) came in late to Jamestown after finishing college finals.

John Orozco doing a straddle handstand on parallel bars with Brandon looking on and Steve in the background.

"Receivng Instructions" are L to R: Steve Legendre, John Orozco, Brandon Wynn, Paul Ziert, Catalina Ponor, and Adi Pope.

Steve doing handstand push ups on parallel bars.

Brandon holding a planche on parallel bars.

Catalina, Steve, John, Paul, Adi and Beth Tweedle stretching and planning for the Skating and Gymanstics Spectacular.


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