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"Self-Esteem Through Movement"



    Stroup's Gymnastics is dedicated to providing the best facility and instruction for gymnasts and related sports that we possibly can. It is our desire to consider and meet the needs of each individual student safely and successfully in a group setting.  Classes have a maximum student to teacher ratio of 8:1. 

     Tots & Company - The Tots & Company class is our newest class for our youngest aspiring gymnasts!  To provide a comfortable introduction to gymnastics, children 18 months to 3 years old must be accompanied by an adult.  Some central goals of the class are to learn class structure, develop social and motor skills, and learn basic gymnastic skills.

     Lightening Bugs - This class is for independent children ages 3-5 years old with little or no gymnastic experience. This class introduces group learning, developmental stunts and skills, basic tumbling and gymnastics.  Children must be potty trained and able to be in class without parents.

     Twinkling Stars - These classes emphasize basic tumbling with an introduction to the equipment. Gymnasts should expect to work towards mastering basic skills while developing strength, flexibility, coordination and agility.  Progressions are safe but challenging.  No experience necessary.  For girls ages 5 - 8 years old.

     Sparkling Stars - These classes are for girls ages 5 - 8 years old who have had some gymnastics, are more energetic, and desire more gymnastic time.  Emphasis is put on skill development on all equipment, with some attention to strength and flexibility.


     Fireflies - This class is for older girls (ages 9 and older) with little or no gymnastic experience.  Basic skills are taught at a pace geared for older girls.  In addition to skill acquisition, students will also work on strength and flexibility.


     Gym Stars - This is a tumbling class with the emphasis on skills needed for other sports, such as cheerleading, karate, and diving.

Shining Stars - These classes are by invitation only.  Students who have learned to do back walkovers on the floor, cartwheels on big beam and back pullovers on bars are possible candidates for this class. These students can perform those skills with no assistance from a spotter.  Gymnasts must have a skill evaluation by a coach before they may participate in this class.

Rising Stars - These classes are by invitation only. For students who show ability and appropriate attitude, with an interest in competition, and who will later be invited to join our Junior Olympic team, the Shooting Stars.  This class is geared toward developing a competitive athlete.  Some volunteer activities are strongly suggested in preparation for competitive team commitments.


     Shooting Stars - These classes are by invitation only. For students who show ability and appropriate attitude. Gymnasts will travel to and compete in the New York State Junior Olympic competitions.   Those who are invited to join our Junior Olympic team will have the opportunity to be among the many state champions we have trained.  It is a larger commitment by both the gymnast and the gymnast's family.  This level of achievement requires more parent involvement, and some volunteer work for the benefit of the gym and competitive team.

Open Workout - Additional gym practice time is occasionally made available to club members in these classes.  There is an additional fee as this class is not included in regular class tuition.

Private Lessons - One on one classes offered occasionally by some of the coaches at an additional cost.  Ask at the front desk for availability.

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